New updates and improvements to TexAu

Desktop Version, Find emails using Domains, LinkedIn Event Attendees

New Feature

Last month was very hectic for us as we are running a small campaign and offering TexAu at a discounted price. Also, we saw a HUGE surge of Covid cases in India, due to this our team was working with limited capacity.

We still managed to do lots of improvements and updates to the TexAu Platform. Let's see what all we rolled out in May.

Desktop Version 0.2.5

We released a new version of the TexAu Desktop app - 0.2.5, here are all the improvements we did.

  1. Now you can easily connect Google account for Google Sheet integration Directly from Desktop App
  2. If it is not the same computer it will not auto-resume if automation was auto-paused instead will show the resume button
  3. Login page improvements with OTP handling
  4. Major backend improvements to run automations faster.
  5. Spices started from one computer will not continue on another computer if logged in using the same account - As it was causing issues for many users, results were downloading in other computer causing inconsistencies
  6. Spices started from a computer will not auto-pause if another pc with the same login account closes the app.

You can download TexAu Desktop App For Mac and Windows.

NOTE: We are still testing our app with M1 Macbooks, if you face any issues with M1, please reach out to us, this will help us test our app faster 🙂

New Spices

We are rolling out two new BIG 🚀 Spices today.

LinkedIn Event Attendees Scraper

Now you can pull all the LinkedIn Event Attendees from any LinkedIn Event, up to 1000. Simply use our new automation here:

And the automation will all the attendees' details.

Check this video on how to run this automation:

Find emails using Company Domains

If you have a list of company domains, now you can easily find email addresses in that company of different departments. This Spice costs 4 email credits and gives you all the email addresses it can find for any domain. We don't deduct credits if we are able to find emails.

CleanShot 2021-06-02 at 19.35.44@2x

Try this automation here: in case if you don't have Email Enrichment credits, you can always purchase from your accounts page.

What else?

  1. We are working on our new TexAu V2, more details will be shared as we progress. If you would like to stay updated with what we are building, make sure toJoin our Facebook group.
  2. TexAu Courses Academy will be launched in the next 2 weeks and we will release 3 new courses.
  3. We are actively hiring and growing our team. Last month we added 3 new members to our team.
  4. More integrations and more Spices, lots of updates coming this month 🚀

Stay Tuned!


Vikesh & TexAu Team